My name is Mekea


....and odds are, you've never met anyone with my name. Odds are, you've never met anyone with my background, either. I am a photographer, an interviewer, a traveler and a runner. I grew up on Jane Austen and Bruce Springsteen, Steve Prefontaine and Anna Wintour. I spent the year following college on the road, but I've held a job (or four) since the age of seven.

I am constantly in search of both inspiration and challenge. I got into photography in an effort to both take more creative control in the fashion shoots I once directed and to capture the ever-changing waves I saw driving next to the ocean. I work, edit, run, drive and live while listening to a playlist as varied as my background.

I am a natural-light photographer who focuses on capturing the way a moment feels - the second of a proposal, the first guitar lick in a concert, a wave crashing along the PCH, how light hits an earring, the perfect yoga pose. I believe in photos that are both familiar and breathtaking, that let your mind travel both in place and time - my focus is on human connection and simplicity.

I am based in New York and find any excuse to visit California, but I operate all across the United States.