My name is Mekea - nice to meet you

I am known for being a ‘butterfly chaser’. I am constantly seeking new ways to capture and create beauty, and have found myself many adventures along the way. I lived on the road for a year after college running a blog, I have worked on projects with Australian Vogue and I have held a job (or four) since the age of seven.

I found photography in an effort to take on more creative control in fashion shoots I once directed, and fell in love with landscape photography while driving across the country. I was trained in portrait retouching and event photography, and worked shooting and editing videos for a nonprofit. I shoot with brands, musicians, couples and companies, with a lot of crossover into my personal work in landscape and editorial.

I am a natural-light photographer at the cross section of editorial and documentary. I focus on capturing the way a moment feels - the second before a kiss, the first guitar lick in a concert, a wave crashing along the PCH. I believe in photos that are both familiar and breathtaking, that let your mind travel both in place and time - my focus is on human connection and simplicity.


I am based in New York and often in California, but I operate all across the United States. I am currently working on a graduate degree from Parsons and accepting inquiries on a freelance basis. Otherwise, you can find me seeking nature in the concrete jungle through long runs in the park and coffee shops filled with plants.